• Emerging Young Adults

    Behavioral Support Success
    Core Life Skills
    Trauma Treatment

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  • Implementation Provider

    Working with States and MCO's to implement Person-Centered Transformation Plan
    and to support innovations from stakeholders who are seeking to enhance their service delivery.

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  • Person Centered Tool Kit

    Comprehensive Assessment
    Member Lifeline
    Relationship Map
    Blue Sky
    Prioritization of Goals

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  • Systems of Support

    Crisis Intervention, Stabilization and Prevention Services
    Tennessee state wide program
    Model of Service Delivery

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  • Traditional Project Transition

    Community based treatment
    Promote community integration
    Evidence Based Treatment
    DBT Informed Treatment

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Implementation Provider: Project Transition works with States and MCO’s to implement Person-Centered Transformation Plans.

Systems Of Support


Behavioral Health Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Stabilization Services

Behavioral health services for individuals with I/DD and co-occurring mental health and/or behavior disorders including:

  • Person-centered assessment and crisis prevention planning
  • Development of individualized Crisis Prevention and Intervention Plan (CPIP)
  • Training by the SOS provider for paid and unpaid caregivers
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A Life Worth Living

Project Transition supports sustainable recovery, restoration of self-sufficiency and reintegration into the wider community. "To live a life of your choosing."