Our Members

Our Members


Adults, including: co-occurring substance abuse (~75%), personality disorders (~50%), trauma (nearly 100%), complex physical needs (~75%)

Significant co-occurring physical health challenges:

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma

Our Members experience excellent Outcomes upon graduation from Project Transition, with substantial ongoing savings

  • Gains achieved while at Project Transition endure over time

Our Members represent:

  • High risk, high visibility, many are “Plaintiffs” (DOJ Enforcement activities)
  • High cost
  • Our Members have not experienced succeeded in current delivery systems
  • They typically represent 3% of total population served by a Health Plan, yet represent well over 50% of the utilization cost (70% in PA), and are well known within the treatment community, to advocacy groups, to Administrators and to the Plans we serve.
  • Communication skills
  • Peer-led groups
  • Independent living skills